Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm a Giant

I'm a little late in finally posting this, but have you heard about
Emily Henderson's  "I'm a Giant" dollhouse challenge?

Some very fancy design bloggers are participating and inviting
everyone to share in the mini decorating madness/fun.

Why is it madness? 
Because once you take a look at all the modern mini furniture
out there, you begin to think seriously about 
dropping some crazy cash on lovely things you you have always wanted
in full scale.

Why is it fun? 
Because everyone finds miniature things fascinating.
It's the perfect opportunity to  decorate the mini house of your dreams.

The people participating are so talented,  I can't wait to see what
they will come up with!
  So of course, I couldn't resist messing with the dollhouse
 my dad made for me when I was little.

Here's my progress so far:

Of course it's in the early stages, so there is much more
decorating/ making to do.
What do you think so far? Would you participate?
Come on, you know you want to!


  1. that mid century dollhouse looks great. i'm a big fan and user of modern classics ...

  2. This is an awesome setup. Do you have an image of the entire structure? I am sure it is unfinished but am curious about the bones of this house. Please do share. I love the lamps. I just made a lamp out of jute and potpourri pieces (yeah, some cool little pieces in those bags) that reminds me of the orb pendant here. Great lighting...

  3. This is a ridiculously phenomenal job! Are those rooms really dollhouse rooms and not inspiration pictures? That light fixture in the first picture is awesome.

  4. Thank you-thank you so much for all the nice comments! The dollhouse is a tudor style that my dad designed/ made when I was little, but it was never completed. I will be posting bigger views of the whole layout, but it's far from finished right now. I still have many more little lamps/ furniture pieces to make :)

  5. This is AMAZING! It looks so great! I hope it's OK I've included one of your pics and a link to your blog in a post tomorrow for Design Milk. It will be here: http://design-milk.com/milkweed-greening-your-modern-mini-home/ Should be live about 6 am PST. Hope that's OK!

    Your work is an inspiration and truly awesome~
    kara b.

  6. Kara~
    YAY! How exciting! Thank you so much- I can't wait to see it! :)

  7. As I pick my jaw up off the floor, I'm dying to see more. I can't wait to see the rest of the house!! Is there any chance you would consider adding some miniature items to your etsy shop? Your work is amazing and there are definitely interested modern mini collectors that would eat it up. Please? Dying to see more. Hats off, its fab.

    1. Thank you so much!! I haven't had any time to work on it lately, but I keep thinking of things I'd like to make, and possibly set up a shop making minis sometime :)