Wednesday, May 27, 2009

long time, no blog

new necklaces by white owl

this past week my brother was in town distracting me with his entertaining self...

lots of fun, but not a lot of work was done.
i did manage to squeeze out a few designs that i'm really happy with though.

he's a fun guy and i miss him already...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


tweet eco-friendly handmade card by spotted sparrow

today i was introduced to a great line of vintage inspired paper goods created by
spotted sparrow

i love this design a lot!
first of all, i am crazy about birds, but i also love that they are eco-friendly!
i've been making and seeing a lot of art using old text /books and
i love to see how others are doing it so beautifully.

creative exhaustion

flora pearl necklace by whiteowl

oh so very tired!

sent out some orders today to some very lovely people...
it's so great to hear how excited people are about their orders and
how they plan to wear them!

Monday, May 11, 2009

pouch love

grey gardens lace pouch from whiteowl

it seems that people are really liking the grey gardens lace pouch...

i am really into grey and soft and pale earthy colors right now.
of course, i am also really loving lace and crochet of all kinds actually...
if i'm not careful, i will be buried under a pile of lace and doilies!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

beautiful *sigh*

photo + gorgeous arrangement by saipua

amazing...lovely... i want these flowers...

so happy that summer is coming.
i have decided to have bouquets in every room.

new bohemian

new bohemian chest medallion by whiteowl

a new creation...

feeling pretty good about big necklaces, especially worn in unexpected ways...
and unexpected materials...