Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Something blue!

Of course neutrals go with everything, and I'm  a huge fan
of black, black, white and more black, but sometimes,
just sometimes what you really want is is a perfect little pop of color for spring.

Our Arden earrings are long, but lightweight; a mix of rose gold and bright cobalt.
Just a little bit of bright to make your day.

Snag these beauties in our Etsy shop before they get away!

Monday, April 3, 2017

a perfect match

We've got a little something new in the shop!

Our FLOREAT lace necklace and earring set is full of romance
and perfect for spring.

In the past we have done jewelry sets by custom order,
and we are regularly asked for recommendations about
pieces to wear together, so we decided to go ahead
and make some.
The FLOREAT set is our first ready-to-order set and 
we hope it will be a hit.