Friday, February 18, 2011

hello again & a giveaway!

 Has it been forever since our last entry? Practically!
Sorry for the very prolonged absence~
Life and the little shop have been keeping us so busy.
We suddenly looked around and realized that we
were coming up on our 3 year "etsy-versary"
and we dreamed up a giveaway!
How about a $100.00 credit~ YAY!

Just visit our shop, take a peek around and tell us 
what your favorite pieces from the past/present are and you could win!
For an extra entry- follow us on Twitter and send us a message
there with your name.

The winner will be chosen by random number generator
on Friday, Februrary 25th.

you can find us on twitter here:


  1. *swoon* omgsh where do I begin..ok I LOVE the asymmetry of many of your pieces:
    ~ Marichelle in ivory:
    ~ Stella in dusky grey:
    ~ and I think my heart skipped a beat with Emmaline and her lil aqua beads:

    I would also love these in grey:
    and the Andra lace cuff in probably any color!
    And if I could heart already sold items, I'd heart this sweetie:

    Thanks so much for this wonderful chance to win such a generous giveaway!! Happy Etsy-versary!!
    ~ ABrainEnamored (at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Does "everything" count as an answer?! Okay, to be more specific then...

    I love the "selmin lace necklace" - I bought it before from you as a gift to a great friend.

    The "carina mixed media tulle necklace" is divine (I've always loved your mixed metal necklaces!)

    And the "evaline tulle and ribbon multichain" is such a lovely statement necklace that it would make any outfit!

  3. What a generous giveaway! I love so many of your pieces and how they are both really romantic and modern at the same time. Two pieces in particular are the tribal lace necklace and the carina mixed media necklace. So pretty and cool!

  4. Happy etsy-versary! I love so many of them... but my favorite has to be the petite jardin lace earrings. I've always wanted a pair of lace earrings~

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  5. following on twitter & my msg is here

  6. Dear White Owl,

    My love and ultimate appreciation for your products started when I walked into a cute little boutique in Downtown Detroit called City Bird. I immediately fell in love with your Antoinette earring line. I bought the creme colored and EVERYBODY raved about cute my earrings were. I couldn't go anywhere without getting compliments from people of all ages, races, and sex. My niece loved them so much I bought her and pair and bought the black ones for myself. Now that I am in NY people compliment me everyday and I spread the word about your AMAZING jewelry. I would absolutely LOVE to win this contest. There is soooo much more that I'd like to buy! You two are awesome!


  7. Happy Etsy-versary! So happy I came across your shop today - such gorgeous, unique things.

    My faves are your asymmetrical necklaces like this one -

    If I'm the lucky winner, you can find me through my Etsy shop!

    Cheers and congrats again :)

  8. Also following on twitter @saltcityspice ;)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE every item from white owl! Would love one of everything :o). My fav item would have to be the calliope mustard earrings. Also love all the cuff bracelets. Happy Etsy-versary!!

  10. Love the tribal lace necklace - will look amazing this summer with a tan and strapless dress!

  11. Wow...what an amazing giveaway! I love so many things in your shop, especially the necklaces in white lace. My favourite would be the 'juliette lace necklace' if I had to pick! I'm going to be buying some of your jewelry for my bridesmaids....choosing which ones is proving very difficult, they are all so gorgeous!

  12. ...have also tweeted about your giveaway!/emilyparkesart

  13. I have this beauty: and I love it!

    my newest favorite is this gorgeous piece

  14. Hmm, well, there are quite a few here that I love. I will try to keep the post short :)

    I could go on but would probably add the entire shop! :)

    ruadhella (Lori R.)

  15. I absolutely LOVE the mirielle lace necklace. I can't stop thinking about it!

  16. I love the Noemie Lace necklace, and I was thinking of getting the Adieu Tristesse in pale grey necklace to wear at my wedding!
    Also love the Marie Antoinette earrings though~

  17. I love the marie antoinette earrings and the selmin lace necklace!

    I also followed and messaged your twitter. I'm @christiv.

    Happy Etsy-versary!

  18. Thank you for all the lovely comments so far! We are so excited for the giveaway!

  19. Kudos and congrats on your 3-year-etsyversary!
    What an incredible giveaway you're doing. Holla!! I love all your earrings, the Calliope in particular - the combo of chain and lace in those is just perfecto. :)

    Here's to many more successful years for White Owl!

  20. How wonderful, thank you! Congratulations on your three year anniversary at etsy!!

    Right now I'm madly in love with Siri - and Teatime in the Garden - :).

  21. Well, I know I'm not the only person to say this, but if I could own every single item in every color variation, I would. I've been admiring your Etsy store for a long time now, just yearning to own any of it. Unfortunately, it's been beyond my means due to other expenses, but I continue to torture myself by toying with ideas for for potential occasion and outfit pairings. One day, if I can ever narrow it down to just one item, maybe I'll invest in something to spruce up my old tired clothes and make it all seem new again.

    Anyway, congrats on being 3 years strong! It's no wonder that it's done so well since its a very unique, though timeless, design aesthetic you adhere to. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

  22. i've always adored white owl! choosing just one favourite is almost impossible... i love the new garden flora lace necklace (in muted olive) and the classic marie antoinette earrings (also in olive)... the recent alka lace earrings (how did i not see those before?! so sweet), and the old lacy leaf and blossom lace earrings (especially in that gorgeous mustard colour). your designs are always so lovely... gorgeous antique finds so lovingly put together. you're a true inspiration!

    thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway and a warm congrats on your 3-year "etsy-versary"!!!

    warmest wishes, xo

  23. Thank you all for participating! We love you all<3

    "Oh Crappy Day" was our first prize winner, so please contact us via Etsy, Facebook or here :)