Tuesday, May 4, 2010

puur-fection! puur anders

Not long ago I came across the works of Miranda Van Dijk.
Stylist, blogger, artist and jewelry designer-
I love her style and find her work so perfectly textural, serene
and yet a bit dangerous.

Here is what Miranda says about her work...

"My art always tells a story. When I was little I loved legends and fairytales. They still inspire me. Mostly I start with finding inspiration from poetic photographs. Dreamy, mostly with rough nature and/or a woman or child as subject. I collect them throughout the year from blogs, flickr and magazines. Then I start to create some sort of legend. It just comes to my mind, but afterwards you can always read my personal view on how I see the world and her problems.

My jewellery collection tells the story about the last woman on earth. She is abandoned by Nature and she give up hope. But Flora still believes in her. She takes care of her and she changes. Mother Nature forgives her. That is when the evolution starts. A new men rises, half men half nature.

Right now I’m working on part three of this story, where a young girl raised by nature finds her other roots, those from men."

you can visit her gorgeous blog here
and her lovely shop here

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