Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a little lacy inspiration

I love these lacy illustrations...
Don't you find the intricate patterns of lace so inspiring?

a print a day
you can see more like these here

bird print by Teagan White


  1. i know, i know! i wish i knew who did the first two illustrations- sooo gorgeous! i love the birdy print too- she is an amazing illustrator! (as are you)

  2. I am crazy about the first one !!!
    The artist (the girl from "one print a day") once offered for a limited time (one week) a wonderful Photoshop brush that was made from the same design, only a tad simpler ...
    I had it, then lost it in the crash of my computer (as if the loss of the computer wasn't enough, I lost tons and tons of images ... Such as this one)
    I wrote to let her know ... But never heard back. Boohoo ...

    Anyhoo ... I think you can purchase the first one on her Etsy, visit her blog for link !
    x x x

  3. PS : I think that the second comes from the same place :)

  4. I found some for you ! I couldn't help !
    The ones you love :

    You can buy some brushes there :

    These are the ones I lost ... It makes me so sad ...


  5. Thank you so much Mathyld! You are genius! I just added the link :)

    p.s. that lace corner brush was gorgeous...*sigh*