Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lace love

new lace earrings for white owl

i've been experimenting with dyeing lace and coming up with some lovely results...
i love the subtlety of greys and beige and pale petal soft colors and
i've decided to add earrings to my etsy shop. i'm not sure whether more people are "earring people" or "necklace people", but i got crazy and made a lot of earrings in the last week.
let's see how folks react to these pretties...


  1. Oooh ! I love lace and I adore charcoal grey ...
    These are precious !
    I didn't see them in the shop, though ...

    x x x

  2. Dam' ! I just saw them ...
    Sorry about that o__O

    And I'm glad I found your pretty blog,
    x x x